What Are The Advantages of PPO Dental Insurance?

It’s difficult to navigate the different types of dental insurance out there. These include fee-for-service, DHMO, or PPO plans. Each of these has different levels of coverage, payment structures, and other details that make some more beneficial than others. Among the best and most affordable dental plans out there, from most providers, are PPO dental plans, which are accepted at numerous reputable general dentistry practices, including Smile Reston Heights of Reston, VA. We are dedicated to helping patients and their families receive the best dental care possible. 

What is PPO Dental Insurance?

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans are considered favorable for individuals seeking plans with lower costs and a variety of dentists to choose from. The lower costs come from dentists participating in a patient network specifically for them, which they join by accepting a contract that pays them in full rather than the amount they are usually paid. 

With PPO insurance, you will usually pay a portion of this reduced rate, also known as ‘coinsurance’, while your plan pays for the rest of it. The portion you pay for depends on the type of services you are receiving but often ends up with you paying the lowest out-of-pocket costs for most dental procedures.  

What Does PPO Dental Insurance Cover? 

Generally, PPO insurance plans from different providers will offer coverage on a similar list of dental treatments and procedures that they can fully or partially cover but can vary from company to company. Some procedures typically covered under PPO include:

  • Fluoride treatments 
  • Yearly or semi-yearly cleanings 
  • Sealants
  • X-rays

With a PPO plan, you may be eligible for a discount on some major and minor dental procedures such as:

  • Root Canals
  • Crowns
  • Inlays 
  • Dentures 
  • Fillings
  • Gum Disease Treatments
  • Extractions 
  • Bridges

Again, the coverage of costs on these procedures and treatments greatly varies between each dental insurance provider, so always check with yours before scheduling an appointment.  

What are the Benefits of Having PPO Dental Insurance?

Overall, the biggest benefit of having a PPO is the high affordability of important procedures for more patients. Another advantage is that you can visit the dentist of your choice, thus ensuring you have the quality of care and convenience you deserve. One thing to note is that seeing dentists outside of your PPO’s network may involve you paying more out-of-pocket for certain procedures. You can also see a specialist without the need for a referral, especially with those in your network. 

Smile Reston Heights: Quality General Dentistry in Reston, VA

With a better understanding of PPO dental insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you have an affordable and highly-beneficial dental plan for you and your loved ones. We at Smile Reston Heights feel that dental health and wellness should be available to everybody, which is why we offer our services to PPO dental insurance holders, as well as provide numerous payment options. We are a  patient-centered general dentistry practice based out of Reston, VA, but have provided dental care to countless clients throughout the Northern Virginia area. Our years of experience in patient care and dental procedure ensures our clients are consistently satisfied and retain lasting dental health. 

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