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Why Do Dentists Use Nitrous Sedation?

When it comes to highly-sensitive dental procedures, it’s important to know about the types of anesthetic your dentist uses. One very common type is known as ‘laughing gas’, which is used in more complex dental treatments. At Smile Reston Heights, we want to make our patients feel comfortable and anxiety-free throughout their experience with us. Whether it be through our numerous financing options, experienced sedation dentistry, or our personalized patient care, Smile Reston Heights of Reston, VA, is experienced in giving you the best out of your appointment. 

Here’s what you should know about nitrous sedation: 

When Dentists Use Nitrous Sedation

It is very useful for dentists with patients that require somewhat serious procedures, as well as those that are quite anxious or uncomfortable with receiving any sort of dental treatment. It is administered to dental patients by placing a small mask over their nose and mouth, pumping the gas in to allow them to naturally inhale it. 

After a few minutes of breathing normally through your nose, you’ll begin to feel its effects. At that point, you can expect to be fully responsive to your dentist, as the sedation does not put you to sleep but rather in a more relaxed state.  

The Reason For Sedation in Dentistry 

There are several useful effects for dentists to use nitrous oxide, including reducing anxiety, making highly-anxious patients feel at ease during their procedure, and thus making it easier for the dentist to do their work. Nitrous sedation also acts as an effective anesthetic for serious and emergency dental treatments such as tooth extractions and root canals. 

Its effects also take much less time than other anesthetics to reverse as well, making it quite convenient for those who would like to undergo their procedures and return to their normal routine soon after. 

Possible Side Effects 

While nitrous sedation is quite useful, it may also have certain side effects as well. These include headaches, shivering, excessive sweating, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. If you ever have any of these symptoms, make a record of these experiences and discuss them with your doctor so they can seek an alternative. 

To avoid any potential negative side effects, we recommend you eat light before and three hours after your procedure. 

Smile Reston Heights: Experienced Sedation Dentistry in Reston, VA

Nitrous sedation is the mildest form of medically-approved anesthetic. It allows patients and their dentists to get through procedures more easily. We, at Smile Reston Heights, utilize effective sedation dentistry to bring peace of mind to our patients throughout Reston, VA, and Northern Virginia. 

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