Professional Teeth Whitening vs. DIY Techniques

While over-the-counter (OTC) whitening methods and do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches are less costly compared to professional teeth whitening methods, working with a trained cosmetic dentist will offer many benefits and a better experience overall. Our cosmetic dentists at Smile Reston Heights offer professional Biolase laser teeth whitening and KöR teeth whitening treatments, both of which provide incredible results.

As these treatments offer more comfort, better accuracy, and more convenient processes, you can feel at ease throughout your entire experience. We are proud to continue offering affordable dental treatments to folks in Sterling and across Northern Virginia. You, too, can rely on our team to provide you with an easy, no-stress experience.

Here’s what makes professional teeth whitening different from a do-it-yourself approach:

Custom Teeth Whitening Treatment

With professional teeth whitening, you’ll receive customized whitening treatment from your dentist that’s suited to your specific needs. This makes it simpler to undergo, as seeing results with DIY techniques often takes longer depending on the individual.

Biolase laser teeth whitening only takes an hour to complete. Your dentist will begin by coating a layer of whitening gel over the surface of your teeth and then perform the laser whitening technique. Results appear almost immediately and your teeth will be up to six to eight shades whiter!

When it comes to the KöR teeth whitening treatment, it helps the whitening gel to remain cool and refrigerated, preventing it from degrading between its manufacture completion and delivery to our office.

Normally, whitening gel degrades at room temperature, and this causes its effectiveness to lower significantly. KöR whitening allows the gel to maintain its effectiveness, which will allow clients to receive the highest quality of teeth whitening possible.

Less Time

When comparing the two methods, a professional approach offers faster results due to the equipment dental experts have access to.

With a professional approach, since you are provided with a custom whitening treatment, there’s more control over how quickly this process takes and how bright you would like your smile to be.

It’s important to note that OTC and DIY teeth whitening techniques often take much longer than the professional whitening route. Oftentimes, individuals may misuse the products or improperly implement the techniques, such as whitening strips or activated charcoal, which may lead to a longer treatment process, and potentially, severe damage if not used properly.

Brighter Smile

If you choose professional teeth whitening, then you may notice results that are eight times whiter than any DIY method. Not to mention, you will also be able to receive educated guidance from our dental professionals that will ensure you maintain your oral health!

Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Sterling, VA!

At Smile Reston Heights, our experienced cosmetic dentists prioritize your dental needs and concerns. If you need extra funding to ensure you and your family members are able to receive care, we offer a Membership Plan that’s affordable and convenient. No matter what professional teeth whitening procedure you choose, you can be sure to receive friendly dental treatment that’s accurate and quick.

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