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Can You Safely Go to the Dentist During COVID-19?

During the coronavirus era, we have grown adept at hygiene maintenance. Mask-wearing, social distancing, and handwashing are now as common as greetings and small talk. Still, we all must ask: how safe are my daily tasks? Can I go to the store, the gym, or a friend’s house without danger? 

At Smile Reston Heights, we stress both patients’ and employees’ health. Thus, we’ve updated our standard procedures to afford everyone some peace of mind. We believe in continuing to provide excellent dental services while protecting everyone’s overall health. We’re thrilled to see patients from Reston and throughout Northern Virginia back in our office. With our general, cosmetic, and Invisalign services, Smile Reston Heights can help your smile to shine on. 

Below, we detail how both the dental industry and our practice have adapted to COVID-19:

Changes in the Dental Industry

Nationwide, health constraints have caused several commercial effects for dental practices. These effects include deferred revenue, which comes from offices limiting clients to the most pressing cases. While this practice thwarts potential infection, it also slows the rate of profit.

At the same time, dentists are investing in safety equipment and new technology. The former, which includes PPE, allows work to continue with minimal contact. Likewise, new technology helps to manage patient traffic and allows for virtual appointments

Finally, offices are adding charges to cover safety equipment costs. At Smile Reston Heights, we now include $10 per patient for PPE (unless one’s insurance company considers it an inclusive cost). 

Changes in Dentists’ Daily Practices

Along with business changes, dentists have altered their care procedures. As the CDC notes, COVID-19 spreads mainly through person-to-person contact and impacts older adults the hardest. Professionals have adjusted their methods suitably. 

Many have created mobile dentist clinics. If seniors must avoid public spaces, then dental experts bring their offices to them. With the right equipment and HIPAA compliance, these dentistries ensure that sensitive populations get proper treatment. 

Also, practices have found novel ways to comply with restrictions. Many use only systems to manage patient entry and exit times. Furthermore, all office staff members receive daily health screenings to check for infection and/or symptoms. 

Changes at Smile Reston Heights

As with practices across the country, we’ve shifted care so that you can visit the dentist during COVID-19. You’ll find that many of the changes mentioned above are in place at Smile Reston Heights. These limit the exposure of staff and patients in the office: 

  • Patient arrival and exit times are scattered to avoid overlap. Social distancing is enforced in the office. 
  • Both patients and employees are screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Make sure to plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Our dental professionals wear PPE equipment including surgical masks or face shields as well as gloves.
  • We try to avoid aerosol-generating procedures, as they scatter droplets in the air (one of COVID’s primary means of infection). 
  • When not needed, equipment is stored safely away.

Visit Smile Reston Heights for Reliable and Adaptable General Dental Care in Reston, VA

As you can see, patient and employee health is our priority. So, if you’re worried about visiting the dentist, turn to an office that will take your safety seriously. We believe in continuing to provide professional dental services within COVID-19 restrictions. Our Reston and Northern Virginia communities rely on us to keep their smiles healthy and bright; call us at (703) 345-1100 or fill out our online form, and you can too. 

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