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6 Benefits You Could Enjoy After Cosmetic Dentistry

Many of us see general dentistry as vital to our health, and people continue to visit dentists during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, cosmetic dentistry may seem like an unnecessary luxury. Why should one pursue such services? And what, exactly, constitutes cosmetic dentistry? 

At Smile Reston Heights, we offer years’ worth of expertise, state of the art treatments, and family-friendly care. We firmly believe that cosmetic and implant dentistry benefit our clients, and we continue to suggest these services. Individuals and families in Herndon and across Northern Virginia rely on our flexible scheduling and efficient care. Now you, too, can receive the best dental care in today’s market by contacting us today. 

Below, we outline our dental practice’s cosmetic options as well as the benefits they bring our patients: 

Our Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Services

To begin, we want to clarify that our cosmetic dental treatments aim for more than just superficial changes. While they should enhance your teeth’s appearance, their benefits extend beyond that. Also, we consider implant dentistry as a form of cosmetic services. 

Among our cosmetic options, teeth whitening is one of our patients’ most common choices. Our technicians perform this procedure with in-office whitening products, which are more effective than over-the-counter options. Other popular options include dental veneers and Invisalign treatment

For implants, we offer composite fillings to replace cavity rot with tooth-colored materials that can stand up to chewing. Also, we can design implants (usually titanium) for individual patients to replace decaying or missing teeth. However, implants require oral surgery. 

Social Benefits

Now, having outlined these options, let’s examine the social advantages that cosmetic dentistry can provide our patients: 

  1. Greater confidence: when you look better, you feel better. You should feel good about the smile that you flash all day, and cosmetic dentistry can help you to do so.
  2. Younger appearance: even if we’re unaware of it, healthy smiles affect our perceptions of strangers. In fact, research shows that people perceive frequent smilers as younger than those with neutral facial expressions.
  3. Treatment without discomfort: what if you could correct and maintain your smile without the difficulties of braces? Invisalign aligners do just that – and Smile Reston Heights is a certified Invisalign provider.

Health Benefits

Cosmetic services can also promote your overall health. With strong oral health, your body’s condition improves: 

  1. Better diet: missing and/or damaged teeth can make chewing a difficult, even painful, task. However, implants and veneers allow you to focus more on a proper diet than avoiding difficult foods.
  2. Increased dental health: stronger, protected teeth reduce pain from cavities and gums while also supporting hygiene. Invisalign aligners, in particular, are a clean and comfortable alternative to the negative effects of braces.
  3. Save money: consider that, in the long run, improved dental health can help you to avoid further dental problems. Fewer cavities mean fewer fillings – and bills. 

Affordable Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry for Residents of Herndon, VA

At Smile Reston Heights, we care about your teeth as much as you do. So whether you are a new or long-time client, consider cosmetic and implant dentistry along with our general dentistry services. Residents of Herndon and the Northern Virginia region can enjoy the benefits of our care today. Call us at (703) 345-1100 or visit our website and book an appointment online

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