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3 Reasons to Invest in Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become essential for maintaining a cleaner and more attractive smile. Though there are a variety of ways to get one on your own, such as the wide assortment of whitening strips, toothpastes, and hydrogen peroxide trays, there are no better ways to get your teeth whitened than with the help of your trusted dentist. 

At Smile Reston Heights, we provide the best in cosmetic and general dentistry services. Our friendly and experienced staff dedicate themselves to giving customers the personalized dental care they need through professional dental teeth whitening, root canal treatment, general check-up, and more. We want our customers to get the dental treatments they deserve no matter what, which is why we provide flexible payment options and online appointment scheduling, ensuring our service fits your budget and time. 

Here are 3 reasons to get a professional teeth whitening at our dental office: 

1. Faster Results

One reason to get an in-office teeth whitening is that you’ll see significant results as soon as the procedure is done. On the other hand, if you choose an over-the-counter product, it takes more time to get whiter teeth. 

This is because there is a difference in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution, the most common bleaching agent used by both dentists and in store-bought teeth whitening products. 

Typically, products like whitening strips have around 10% hydrogen peroxide, while dentists use treatments that contain around 25% to 40%, which means they are more potent, and thus achieve significant results much sooner. 

2. Lasting Effectiveness

Whitening your teeth will renew your smile and keep it clean and stain-free for as long as possible. A higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide means a whitening from your dentist is more effective than over-the-counter treatments. While greater effectiveness means faster results, it also means that the results last much longer too. 

3. Worth the Price

Higher effectiveness and faster results are enough reasons for anyone to get a teeth whitening from their dentist, but the cost is another concern as well. The whitening products available at various stores range from $20 to over $100, while those available at your local dentist can go from $650 to $1000. 

The jump in price may be steep, but there are numerous dental experts that have stated how much safer and more beneficial it is to receive a whitening treatment through your dentist. 

Purchasing whitening products may end up having you spend hundreds of dollars to simply clean and brighten your teeth. 

On the other hand, one semi-annual appointment with your dentist for a whitening treatment will result in a set of pearly white teeth that will last for months and even years. 

Smile Reston Heights: Professional Teeth Whitening in Herndon, VA

Get the teeth whitening that you deserve by scheduling one with your dentist. At Smile Reston Heights, our dental practitioners are not only experts in general dentistry, but also cosmetic dental treatments such as professional teeth whitening, composite dental fillings, veneers, and more. Our practice has helped numerous patients throughout Herndon, VA receive the best dental care possible by providing flexible scheduling and affordable payment options. 

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