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How Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Health

Numerous health institutions are increasingly recognizing that gum disease is a connecting factor to numerous other health conditions. These include heart and respiratory diseases as well as severe and fatal COVID-19 complications. Not only during this pandemic but also in your everyday routine, it is vital that you and your loved ones avoid the risks caused by gum disease. To do so, visit your local trusted dental practice and ensure that you are maintaining your dental health. 

At Smile Reston Heights, we are experts in preventative and restorative dental work. Our highly-trained and qualified professionals work together to identify potential complications and help patients maintain their overall and dental health. We serve folks from throughout Herndon, VA, and Northern Virginia. They appreciate our caring and friendly staff, as well as our high flexibility and affordable payment plans

Below, we discuss the various ways that gum disease affects your health: 

Gum Disease & Heart Disease

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Among the more serious conditions associated with gum disease is heart disease. While the connection between these diseases isn’t direct, studies indicate that gum disease can increase the chances of chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation can contribute to several health complications, including atherosclerosis. This is a condition wherein cardiovascular arteries contain dangerously high levels of plaque made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances. This is compelling evidence for knowledgeable dentists to warn patients against developing gum disease. 

Gum Disease & Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes have an especially difficult time with gum disease. Their susceptibility to infection makes them more prone to develop it. 

Additionally, the American Academy of Periodontology has found that developing periodontal disease has also been found to further complicate diabetic patients, making it difficult for them to manage their blood sugar, regularly raising it to dangerous levels and thus contributing further to its symptoms.   

Other Related Health Risks

Additional studies have also indicated connections between periodontal disease to other various diseases, as well as adding to complications among patients with COVID-19. For example, gum disease increases the risks of oral infections, which can then produce bacteria in the mouth and oral cavities that can be inhaled into the lungs, causing respiratory diseases like pneumonia. 

This is especially serious for patients with COVID-19 and periodontitis, as this article on gum disease and the coronavirus has indicated that the systemic inflammation caused by both conditions only increased the chances of patients experiencing a greater severity in COVID-19 complications, including the need for ICU care, assisted ventilation, and unfortunately, death. 

Research has also found that men diagnosed with gum disease were more likely to develop several different forms of cancer, including kidney, pancreatic, and blood cancer. 

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Gum disease should be avoided at all costs, which is why you should ensure you maintain a healthy routine of dental care, including regularly visiting a distinguished dental practice in your area. For patients in Herndon, VA and Northern Virginia, Smile Reston Heights has provided quality general and preventative dentistry. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring our patients and their loved ones maintain a clean bill of dental health and their overall health is well-maintained. 

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