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6 Common Dental Issues Among Children

A child often visits their dentist for the first time around their first year, when their teeth start coming in, then many other times throughout their childhood for various reasons. Untreated issues–including tooth decay, early loss, and grinding–can lead to missed school, disrupted sleeping, and painful eating. Nevertheless, invisible braces services are a low-impact solution to prevent some of the long-term issues that start in early childhood. 

If you’re looking for reliable dental hygiene services in the Reston, VA area, turn to Smile Reston Heights. Our team’s shared goal is to help you and your child achieve and maintain healthy dental hygiene. We are a family-oriented and affordable practice that offers an interest-free, in-office payment plan. Book your appointment through our website today!

6 of the Most Common Dental Issues Among Children and How to Treat Them

  1. Tooth Decay
    Cavities, a result of tooth decay, are the most common chronic issue among children in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims an estimated 20% of children aged 5-11 have at least one untreated decayed or decaying tooth.

    Furthermore, leaving such issues untreated leads to pain and infection. These symptoms will intrude on children’s everyday activities—detracting from their learning, taking them out of school, and causing painful chewing and swallowing. However, Smile Reston Heights offers dental sealants to protect and strengthen teeth.

  2. Thumb-Sucking
    Toddlers and young children sometimes carry the habit of thumb-sucking into grade school to calm their anxiety. Although it may seem harmless, this practice can affect teeth alignment by pushing front teeth forward and disrupting jaw alignment.Moreover, children past the age of five can experience issues with biting and chewing as well as proper speech. Yet dentists and orthodontists offer treatments to break thumb-sucking habits for good.
  3. Early Tooth Loss
    Losing baby teeth is often an exciting event for children. However, accidents–including rough sports or standard childhood play–sometimes damage these teeth. Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth cause pain and discomfort. Plus, prematurely lost teeth lead to spatial issues and overcrowding.If your child plays sports, consider purchasing a mouthguard to protect them during practices and games. Any teeth that are knocked out prematurely should be placed in a glass of milk or water to save the tooth during an emergency. This gives doctors more room to work with as the tooth can survive longer and potentially be reattached.

    If a baby tooth is lost and gone, temporary space retainers can be placed by dentists to prevent overcrowding or misaligned permanent teeth.

  4. Sensitive Teeth and Gums
    Gum disease arises in children due to improper dental hygiene. Sticky plaque can build up around teeth and cause permanent damage to teeth, gums, and even bone underlying bones. But proper brushing and flossing can prevent these issues.Brushing teeth too hard can lead to premature receding and bleeding gums. If this occurs to your child, consider switching to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Sometimes, a dentist may perform a deep clean or provide a special rinse to get rid of plaque and ease discomfort.
  5. Grinding
    An estimated 20-30% of school-aged children grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism. They often do so unconsciously, during sleep or tense situations, in response to pain from an injury, anxiety, or stress. Untreated grinding can lead to headaches, jaw pain, and even earaches.

    Mouthguards can correct these issues before they cause chronic pain. Talk to your dentist about options to prevent or ease grinding.

  6. Dental Anxiety
    People of all ages experience dental anxiety, so it is normal for children to feel a little nervous at the dentist or orthodontist. Creating a fun experience for them lays a positive foundation for their future dental health.

    Parents should be active participants in their children’s dental health early on. Set a great example by brushing and flossing alongside your child. Also, consistently go to your dental appointments–rather than rescheduling or canceling–to teach your child the importance of dental hygiene.

Invisible Braces Services Available Now in Reston, VA

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