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The Importance of Straight, Healthy Teeth

Look closely at advertisements or mass media and notice how many of the actors/personalities have straight, white teeth. Indeed, those who lack a healthy smile stand out far more—our culture values the clean, clear look of straight teeth. However, straight teeth have more benefits than social approval: fewer cavities, reduced risk of dental trauma, less wear and tear, and more. If you have misaligned teeth, or suffer pain because of their positions, seek a professional Invisalign treatment.

Residents of Reston, VA, and the surrounding region can find such dental care options at Smile Reston Heights. We are a family-friendly dental practice that offers general, cosmetic, restorative, and more dentistry services. Our flexible scheduling options and charismatic staff make dental care an accessible and pleasant experience. Plus, we offer an interest-free office payment plan to make our services more affordable. Book an appointment online and start your healthy smile journey. 

Below, we delve into the advantages of straight, healthy teeth:

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

  1. Straight teeth are tied to overall health
    To boil this perk down to an easy rule, straight teeth can improve general health. Granted, they lead to a confident smile and what many consider an ideal appearance. Nevertheless, our dentists note that cosmetic dentistry ties into comprehensive health.

    For instance: straighter, healthier teeth allow you to eat as you choose. Thus, you can enjoy a well-rounded diet without worrying about chewing pains.

  2. Easier to clean and keep clean
    Crooked, misaligned, and/or chipped teeth can complicate brushing and flossing. Food and plaque build up in spaces that a brush may struggle to reach. Moreover, you must work harder at each brushing to ensure that you have reached all vulnerable points.

    However, straight teeth avoid such difficult scenarios. They’re easier to clean and check for food and cavities. Indeed, straight teeth build up far fewer cavities than misaligned ones, since all corners are easy to reach and clean. Plus, the ease of flossing straight teeth lends to a strong habit of doing so. And people who clean their teeth regularly also tend to clean their gums, strengthening their overall hygiene.

  3. Reduce the risk of dental trauma/injury
    Beyond cavities and plaque build-up, misaligned teeth can also lead to dental injuries. This category covers a range of possibilities, including chipped teeth, gum infections, TMJ/TMD disorders, bruxism, and more.

    Yet straight teeth and jaw alignment significantly reduce the risk of these problems. Working with a dental professional allows you to straighten your teeth and enjoy stronger overall health.

  4. Reduce wear and tear on teeth
    Given their daily usage, teeth undergo wear and tear throughout normal life. However, that wear becomes harmful when teeth are misaligned—they push one another, jostling for space. This, in turn, places some at odd angles and vulnerable positions.

    With straight teeth, you experience fewer misaligned bites. The strongest portions of teeth can stand up to daily use, while the sensitive portions remain protected. This way, you can enjoy oral health and the use of your teeth for a lifetime.

    If you want to have your teeth straightened, the Smile Reston Heights team suggests that you choose Invisalign instead of traditional braces. In this vein, Smile Reston Heights is planning an Invisalign event to kick off soon: National Align Your Teeth Day.

National Align Your Teeth Day

Organized by the American Academy of Clear Aligners, National Align Your Teeth Day occurs on August 11th and is aimed to spread awareness of straight teeth’s benefits. Our practice, and others around the nation, will observe the day by publishing helpful information on teeth alignment treatments. 

By tying this event to the benefits of straightened teeth, we hope to encourage more patients to seek Invisalign treatment. While it may be an investment, we believe it’s a smart and worthwhile investment. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners Treatment Available Now in Reston, VA

You need not seek professional Invisalign treatment merely for the sake of social pressure. Instead, do so for the benefit of your teeth—and come to Smile Reston Heights for comprehensive, thoughtful treatment. We offer flexible scheduling options and family-friendly services to all patients in and around Reston, VA. Plus, we’ll be celebrating National Align Your Teeth Day on August 11th, so come learn about the benefits of straightened teeth. Call us today at (703) 345-1100 or book an appointment online!

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