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World Mental Health Day: Smile Psychology

Research confirms what many people already suspect: smiling is good for us. Psychologists report that smiling boosts your mood, stimulates your brain, and makes you appear more courteous. But these benefits require you to show off your smile, which can be difficult if you feel uncomfortable about your teeth’s appearance. To resolve this dilemma, seek out professional cosmetic dentistry services.

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Below, we outline the benefits of smiling and suggest ways that you can enjoy them during World Mental Health Day:

What Is World Mental Health Day?

This year, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. It’s an opportunity for organizations to raise awareness of pressing mental health issues and how to counteract them. Moreover, the day allows everyone to think about how they care for themselves and those around them.

worldwide campaign event always takes place on Mental Health Day, which you may find interesting and supportive. Nevertheless, we suggest that you use this year’s annual observance to consider how often you smile and how doing so benefits you.

The Benefits of Smiling

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  • Smiling makes you appear younger and thinner
    We have discussed the health benefits of straight, clean teeth: better overall health, reduced risk of dental trauma, etc. On top of all that, showing off your smile makes you look healthier too.

    Research shows that people perceive adults with happy smiles as younger and thinner than non-smilers. That said, be wary of plastering on a smile for the sake of your appearance. Doing so may lead you to ignore your mental state and suffer from untreated symptoms.

  • Smiling elevates mood and creates a sense of well-being
    In addition to your appearance, smiling also enhances your mood. We might expect that a bright smile boosts one’s confidence, but it goes further. Smiling releases the body’s “feel-good” substances: dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. This effect is so potent that even a forced smile can improve your mood!

    That said, there’s an important difference between forced smiling to improve mood and the same to please others. People can spot “fake smiles,” which tend to reflect poorly on the smiler. Instead, try smiling for yourself.

  • Smiling makes you seem courteous and competent
    It makes sense that smiling can create the impression of courtesy. Yet research also indicates that it increases others’ sense of your competency. This effect may tie into how we perceive confidence: a smile inspires more certainty than anxiety or sadness.

    No matter what, it’s a good reason to invest in a teeth whitening treatment. However, similar to a “fake smile,” smiling at the wrong time can backfire. For instance, if you beat someone in a game, smiling at them can come across as smug.

  • Smiling is contagious
    Finally, a smile tends to be contagious. Much like yawning, smiling gets shared between individuals and parties. One person’s good mood rubs off on others, and everyone can enjoy the mental boost.

    Nevertheless, a smile can mean different things in different cultures. In the former USSR, for instance, people perceived smiling as a naive or dim-witted habit. Thus, it’s worth investigating how your smile may be perceived across the world.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Available for Ashburn, VA, Residents

This World Mental Health Day, take time to consider how you feel about sharing your smile with others. If the thought of doing so makes you uncomfortable, reach out to Smile Reston Heights for cosmetic dentistry services. We provide a wide range of dental options to people throughout Ashburn, VA, and the surrounding region. Plus, we’re committed to offering flexible options and a family-friendly environment. For details, call us today at (703) 345-1100 or book an appointment online.

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