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Maintaining Good Oral Health During the Holiday Season

Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums can be tricky during November and December as we enjoy end-of-year festivities. Nevertheless, you can practice a few habits to maintain your oral health throughout the season, including visiting an experienced, dependable local dentist

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Below, we discuss how you can sustain your oral health over the next few months: 

Good Hygiene Practices for the Holiday Season

Reduce Sweets & Increase Healthy Foods

One of the biggest challenges during the holidays is the temptation posed by feasts and sweets. Everyone enjoys indulging themselves, but it is important to keep your health–particularly your dental health–in mind.

We recommend that you keep track of the foods you eat, avoid sugary snacks as much as possible, and opt for healthier alternatives where you can. Simply avoiding tooth-decaying foods and beverages can go a long way to maintaining your dental health.

Brushing & Flossing After Meals

In addition to considering the type of foods you consume, you should brush and floss after most of your meals. Doing so should be a general habit, but if you haven’t yet picked it up, this season would be a good time to start.

Regular brushing helps your teeth stay white by washing away teeth-staining foods and beverages, including sugary snacks and candy, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Moreover, you’ll never have leftover food stuck in your teeth, which helps keep bacterial growth at a minimum and avoids conditions like gum disease and gingivitis.

Schedule A Dental Check-Up

Finally, to keep track of your oral health throughout the holidays, make sure you schedule a dental check-up before the festivities begin. It’s important to be aware of your dental health’s current state so you can avoid costly dentist visits in the future.

In general, meeting with your dentist every six months is a great preventative health measure and keeps your oral health in check.

A Reminder On Covid-19 & Smile Reston Heights

Though concerns have relaxed since many have received their vaccinations, Smile Reston Heights continues to ensure the safety of our patients and staff by reminding everyone to maintain the same Covid-19 procedures that we’ve practiced since the pandemic began. 

We will continue to perform social distancing within our practice, as well as wearing masks and gloves, especially when performing dental treatments on patients. Not only does this ensure that further sicknesses are avoided but also because the end of the year sees illnesses–such as the flu and common cold–occur most often.

We wish to continue serving our patients and their families throughout the year, which is why we both practice and recommend maintaining proper Covid-19 procedures upon entering our offices for your next appointment.

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