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5 Reasons Dental Procedures are Essential to Your Health

Dental health goes beyond your mouth—it influences your entire physical state. Your dentist’s routine procedures contribute to your overall health: protecting your teeth, detecting oral cancer, checking your gum health, and looking for cavities. Thus, you should seek experienced, general dentistry services and schedule an appointment every 6 months to maintain your dental health.

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Below, we outline 5 reasons why dental procedures are essential to your health:

1. Protect Your Teeth

Your teeth help you process food, communicate verbally, and show off a confident smile! While daily oral care helps to maintain strong dental health, a professional examination and teeth cleaning in Reston can keep your teeth in optimal shape. 

Regular check-ups and cleanings twice a year will help protect your teeth. These visits allow your dentist to check oral diseases and damage, as well as remove built-up plaque. They can also carry out a fluoride treatment that provides long-term protection for your dental health.

2. Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can develop over several years, which means that symptoms can be discovered early on. This cancer can result in loss of teeth, surgery, and radiation treatment. Nevertheless, oral cancer is containable in its early stages, whereas later stages can spread beyond the mouth. 

Professional dentists are skilled in detecting oral cancer, and they screen for it during each check-up. Should they spot it during a regular dental exam, your dentist can address signs of oral cancer and assist you in the treatment steps.

3. Check Your Gum Health

Gum health is vital, as they support your teeth. Gums that lack proper cleaning and flossing are vulnerable to gingivitis, a gum disease. Over time, gingivitis can develop into periodontitis, which results in tissue and bone loss around teeth.

Your dentist can check for symptoms of gum disease—bleeding, inflammation, and weakened gum tissue—during routine exams. Plus, gingivitis can heal over time with daily oral care. On the other hand, periodontitis requires treatment yet cannot be reversed. To avoid it, maintain your oral health and have regular teeth examinations. 

4. Detect Cavities

A cavity is a hole in a tooth caused by decay. It can lead to infection and tooth loss if left untreated.

Although you may detect some cavities due to pain, their early development does not always cause pain. Like gum disease, cavities can develop slowly. Again, regular teeth exams can help prevent this issue. 

X-rays are the best way to detect cavities. Your dentist can perform an x-ray during a visit to determine whether or not you have a cavity. If you do, your dentist can provide several treatment options.

5. Prevent Disease & Infection

Your oral health contributes to the overall health of your body. The oral cavity receives many bacteria, both good and bad, and bad bacteria can build up over time due to lack of hygiene. They can then harm the rest of your body.

Furthermore, bacteria stored in gums or cavities can cause localized infection. Oral infection can lead to infection in other parts of your body. Indeed, endocarditis, pneumonia, and some pregnancy and birth conditions can arise from oral infection.

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