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Why It’s Important to Take Your Child to the Dentist

Parents want to see their children grow healthy and strong. Since dental health is crucial to childhood development, we urge you to take your child to the dentist regularly. This Friday—February 4th—we’re recognizing Give Kids A Smile Day, an annual event observed on the first Friday of February that raises awareness about the importance of kids’ dental services. Take the initiative and bring your child to Smile Reston Heights for routine dental work, preventative care, and necessary treatments. 

At Smile Reston Heights, we offer excellent general dentistry services for children of all ages. We understand that little ones can find the dentist’s office a bit daunting, so we take special care to create a welcoming experience for your child. When they visit for a regular check-up, we will conduct a thorough examination, cleaning, and needed treatments. Our team looks forward to extending professional care to Oakton, VA, residents—children and adults alike. Call us at (703) 345-1100 or schedule an appointment online.

Below, we explain the importance of taking your child to the dentist:

Accustom Your Child to Dental Routines

Your child should begin visiting the dentist within 6 months of developing teeth. Doing so from an early age will ensure they receive indispensable care while growing accustomed to regular dental procedures.

Even the simplest experiences—meeting the dentist, becoming familiar with the dentist’s office, learning how to sit in the dental chair—will encourage children to continue visiting throughout their life. Early visits can mitigate dental anxiety and confusion later in life.

Provide Preventative Care

Contrary to popular belief, young children’s teeth can decay. Indeed, 1 in 5 kids under the age of 5 experience tooth decay, highlighting the importance of regular dental care.

A professional pediatric dentist will check for signs of tooth decay and provide deep teeth cleaning. As with adult dental care, deep cleaning eliminates tartar and plaque buildup that occurs over time. It helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Identify Concerns

Regular visits allow your child’s dentist to spot dental concerns, like the onset of gum disease or tooth decay, before they become emergencies. Besides checking for decay, your child’s dentist will also look for delayed or absent tooth eruption and other growth abnormalities.

Furthermore, your child’s dentist will check for cracked or chipped teeth. It’s important to identify any issues as soon as possible so the dentist can provide treatment before conditions worsen.

Provide Treatment

The dentist will provide appropriate treatment for your child’s dental issues. For instance, in the event of premature tooth loss, your child’s dentist may furnish a temporary tooth to prevent the closure of the space.

Should they discover a cavity, the dentist will fill it before further decay or infection can move in. They will also provide fluoride treatment to prevent future cavities.

Smile Reston Heights: Gentle Pediatric Dental Services in Oakton, VA

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When it’s time to seek pediatric dental services for your child, turn to Smile Reston Heights. We love helping to create healthy smiles for the whole family! Use this year’s Give Kids A Smile Day as a jumping-off point to begin your child’s dental routine. Our team is experienced with providing complete dental care to even the youngest patients. Oakton, VA, families that are seeking financing support can ask after our interest-free membership plan. To find out more, contact us at (703) 345-1100.

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