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DIY vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

Arguments can be made both for and against professional teeth whitening as well as DIY treatments. But how do these options stack up, and which is the best? The decision comes down to personal preference, yet you should consider the treatment process and longevity involved with each. Moreover, seek an experienced dentist if you prefer professional teeth whitening.

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Below, we compare DIY and professional teeth whitening treatments:

DIY Teeth Whitening

The impetus behind DIY teeth whitening, or teeth whitening at home, is that it empowers individuals to treat themselves. Usually, DIY teeth whitening kits include strips, a pen, or an LED tray with product-specific application instructions. Additionally, most require up to a 30-minute application time every day or several times a week.

The treatment period may be indefinite or last about 4-6 months. If you make this treatment a habit and gain momentum, you might reach your desired results quickly. On the other hand, you may fail to reach the whitening intensity you desire even after completing treatment.

Some people find DIY teeth whitening convenient because they can do it themselves from home. However, it requires them to repeat the procedure several times. Although it costs less upfront than professional treatment, at-home teeth whitening results do not last as long.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Vienna VA

Almost all dentists offer professional, or zoom, teeth whitening using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Others may also offer laser teeth whitening, which uses the same chemical agents as well as a laser. The latter heats the peroxide to activate the chemicals. Such treatments take about an hour to complete, and you can repeat them every 12-18 months. Results can last up to 3 years.

Professional teeth whitening delivers comprehensive results immediately, making it a great treatment for whitening your teeth before special events. Moreover, your dentist can adjust the treatment’s intensity to protect people who have sensitive teeth or tough stains. Finally, they can customize the application tray for those who have irregular teeth arrangements. Doing so ensures the tray covers each tooth. 

Smile Reston Heights: Professional Teeth Whitening in Vienna, VA

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