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Oral Cancer Screening Bailey's Crossroads VA

When it comes to providing you with a quality dental experience, your routine checkup will also include an oral cancer screening. Smile Reston Heights takes a wholesome approach to your health by providing effective dental care and oral cancer screenings to make sure no symptom goes unnoticed. Our highly experienced team of dentists will identify any signs of oral cancer to provide the proper treatment to you immediately.

Common Symptoms of Oral Cancer

To make sure your dental health is in great shape, our dentists keep up-to-date with new technology and procedures to detect early signs of oral cancer. Remember that even though the symptoms below are linked to oral cancer, it may be caused by other more minor dental issues. Call your dentist today to see whether your symptoms and screening eliminates the possibility of oral cancer.

  • An abnormal lump, thickening tissue, or rough spots
  • Any red or white sore that has a tendency to bleed easily or not heal completely
  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness anywhere in your oral cavity
  • Any issues with moving the mouth and speaking

What is the Process of an Oral Cancer Screening?

At Smile Reston Heights, our team receives the proper training to perform a very simple oral cancer screening during your routine dental checkup and only takes two minutes to complete. This process involves a thorough examination of the entire oral cavity, including teeth, gums, throat, and any other surrounding tissue and utilizes a VELscope® Vx system to identify signs of cancer. A VELscope® Vx must be used together with a traditional intra and extraoral head and neck examination to ensure that all areas of the oral cavity are checked for any abnormal tissue changes. This handheld device emits a harmless, bright blue light that allows the soft tissue of the mouth to naturally fluoresce, and if there are any abnormal tissue changes, there will be a physical difference. This way, our dentists will be able to detect early signs of oral cancer and provide early treatment to help you maintain the health of your oral cavity.

Best Practices to Prevent Oral Cancer

Even after you receive an oral cancer screening, there are a number of methods that will keep cancerous cells from forming in your oral cavity. If you are looking for ways to prevent oral cancer, you may consider following these practices below.

  • Consume alcohol in moderation
  • Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Limit excessive exposure to the sun
  • Wear UV lotions on your skin as well as your lips
  • Refrain from using all tobacco products
  • Lastly, ask your dentist to perform an oral cancer screening during each visit

Receive peace of mind knowing that your teeth and gums are in great health! Schedule a routine checkup with your dentist today to receive an oral cancer screening.

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