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Dental Fillings in Dunn Loring

Dental fillings, also known as dental restoratives, are used to fill a cavity. Fillings can either be direct or indirect. A direct dental filling will be placed directly into a cavity and may be completed in a single visit. Indirect dental fillings may take a couple of visits as it requires inlays and veneers that use ceramics or composites. To learn more about dental fillings in Dunn Loring, read below.

Why You Need A Dental Filling in Dunn Loring

Here’s what you should expect from a cavity filling from Smile Reston Heights:

Cavities are a common occurrence, especially if we aren’t as good about our diets or dental hygiene as we should be. Dentists have the necessary knowledge and tools to scan patients for cavities and catch them early on. Without dental visits, you may not recognize a cavity until it infects the nerve of your tooth and becomes painful. What could have been treated with a small filling may require a crown or root canal months later.

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