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Orthodontist in Fairfax County, VA

At Smile Reston Heights we understand the importance and benefits of orthodontic treatments.  Orthodontic treatments correct teeth and jaws that aren’t in the correct positions.

Our orthodontist in Fairfax County, VA assures that you are both comfortable and relaxed through any of our many orthodontic procedures. Whether it's just a regular check-up or a more intensive procedure, Smile Reston Heights is here to make sure you leave our offices happy and ready to show off that smile.

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Orthodontic treatment is a necessity as it will help you live a more comfortable life and prevent dental problems from occurring. Having crooked or out of place teeth may pose an inconvenience. When teeth don’t fit together correctly they can be harder to keep clean, could be lost early, and could lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome, and pain in the neck, shoulder, and back as a result of stressed chewing.

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Achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile with our experienced Fairfax County orthodontist. You will be able to risk less damage to your teeth and gums with frequent dental appointments as our dentists will help you catch any dental issues earlier and before it’s too late.

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