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Composite Fillings Vienna VA

Composite fillings (or composite resins) are durable, tooth-colored filling material used for cavities. It has the ability to hold up fairly well under regular eating and chewing. As they can be used on the front and back teeth, your dentist will recommend using composite fillings especially if you want to maintain a more natural look.

Quick & Simple Composite Filling Procedure

At the start of your procedure, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to properly numb the area surrounding the tooth that needs the composite filling. The decayed portion of the tooth is then removed with dental equipment like a drill, air abrasion tool, or a laser instrument. However, the tool that’s used entirely depends on the location of the cavity and the severity of the decay. Your dentist will then fill the cavity with the composite material to ensure your tooth will no longer receive any further damage. Once the cavity has been filled with the composite filling, your dentist will shape the composite material and polish it giving it a more natural appearance.

Advantages with Composite Fillings

Dentists often use composite fillings because they have a natural aesthetic that closely resembles the rest of your teeth. Composite fillings are quite versatile and may be used to make corrections to teeth that are damaged such as chipped, broken, or cracked teeth. When this material is used to fill cavities, it actually uses less material than other filling materials like amalgam.

Have a Cavity? Let Us Fix it with Composite Fillings!

Sometimes, getting cavities can be inevitable especially if you don’t keep up with a good dental hygiene routine. Luckily, most minor cavities can be easily treated with a simple composite filling procedure. Our Smile Reston Heights dentists care to make sure your teeth and gums stay in great health. With regular visits at our practice, you can be sure to significantly reduce your chances of getting cavities. When we come across a cavity, you can trust our team to perform a composite filling procedure efficiently while keeping you comfortable throughout the entire process.

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