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Professional Whitening

When it comes to professional whitening, individuals may seek this cosmetic procedure to brighten their smiles, but with so many products and methods available how do you know which one is best for you? The best way to approach teeth whitening is by consulting with your dentist prior to beginning any treatment at all. At Smile Reston Heights, our dentists are highly skilled with a variety of professional and at-home whitening techniques and are very knowledgeable about using different products, which will help you better determine which option will work best for you.

While over-the-counter (OTC) whitening methods and do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches are less costly compared to professional teeth whitening methods, working with a trained cosmetic dentist will offer many benefits and a better experience overall. Our cosmetic dentists at Smile Reston Heights offer professional teeth whitening treatments.

Professional whitening provides customized whitening treatments suited to your specific needs. The professional approach offers faster results due to the equipment dental experts have access to. With a professional approach, since you are provided with a custom whitening treatment, there’s more control over how quickly this process takes and how bright you would like your smile to be.

If you choose professional teeth whitening, then you may notice results that are eight times whiter than any DIY method. Not to mention, you will also be able to receive educated guidance from our dental professionals that will ensure you maintain your oral health!

Brighten your smile with professional whitening! Contact us today and schedule a whitening consultation with our dentists at Smile Reston Heights.

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