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Overjet Dental AI

As a patient of Smile Reston Heights, you can rest assured that you have access to the best technology in the industry to enhance the quality of your care, including Overjet AI. Our commitment to technology-driven care benefits our patients in many ways, including more accurate diagnoses, better patient education, and improved treatment results.

About Overjet AI

Overjet is an Artificial Intelligence-powered dental technology tool which helps dentists and hygienists diagnose and assess potential dental issues. This FDA-cleared tool provides exact measurements of decay and bone loss, clearly highlighting these problem areas on your x-ray. Seeing your results alongside your doctor helps you to better understand exactly what is going on in your mouth and how dental treatment can help.

How AI Technology Improves the Dental Patient Experience

Have you ever been to a dentist and thought you needed a second opinion, only to walk away with two vastly different opinions on what your dental treatment plan may be? Overjet AI’s proven technology is based on millions of patient x-rays just like yours for almost 100% accuracy. In fact, it’s so accurate that dental insurance companies use Overjet AI results to instantly approve insurance claims. This is why AI technology is fast-becoming the future of dentistry. AI technology improves the dental-patient experience by:

  • Having data-backed diagnostic and examination support
  • Catching emerging problems not visible to the naked eye
  • Treatments such as periodontal therapy and fillings can be validated and documented for insurance purposes
  • Real-time AI processing and detection – see your results in as little as 5 minutes
  • Best-in-class visualization and AI vision
  • Accurate measurements of your teeth, bone, and any abnormalities
  • Exact measurements of disease, bone levels and decay

Overjet AI Enhances the Capabilities of Your Dentist

Dental AI technology, such as Overjet AI, is built with the purpose of improving dental care, diagnosis and outcomes. Using AI technology, your dentist has a precise overview of your individual teeth, previous fillings, implants, and bone levels. Having all this information at their disposal makes your dentist more aware of any underlying issues, faster and more efficiently, and enhances your treatment plan with high accuracy, speed and consistency.

With Overjet AI, there is no room for subjectivity. The data is personalized and can help your dentist accurately diagnose any potential missed treatments. Through dental images, your historical treatments will be analyzed so your dental team knows what works and what doesn’t. Any minor issues that may not cause immediate oral health harm will be picked up and brought to your dentist’s attention so you’re able to attend to problems before they even begin. After all, preventative dental is the best way to prevent dental problems later in life.

What makes Overjet AI so special?

Overjet AI adds valuable information to dental x-rays, such as color, transparency and exact measurements, which enhances the patients’ understanding of the reasoning behind the treatment options.

How much does this dental technology cost?

We’ve made a significant investment in this technology because we know it’s what you, our patients, deserve. Each visit to Smile Reston Heights includes a 3D scan using the iTero scanner, and Overjet AI will automatically be used to improve your treatment diagnosis.

Is Overjet AI safe to use?

Overjet AI is 100% safe to use. All data is secure and HIPAA compliant. No extra x-rays are required to use Overjet.

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