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5 Signs You Have A Cavity

The best way to prevent cavities, also known as tooth decay, from becoming serious problems is to attend your routine dental cleaning. Damaged areas on the surface of your teeth that create tiny holes, cavities require professional dental fillings to correct. If you notice frequent toothaches, teeth sensitivity, sharp pain, or pain while biting down, you may have a cavity.

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Below, we discuss 5 symptoms of cavities: 

  • Toothache
    While cavities often cause toothaches in or around the damaged area, these pains may also come from abscesses, fractures, damaged fillings, teeth grinding, or infected gums. A dental exam can help determine the exact cause. Furthermore, our dentists can offer simple dental care tips to help you avoid common dental problems, including gum disease!

  • Sensitivity
    Another common sign of cavities, teeth sensitivity may also occur due to abrasive brushing, acidic food and beverage consumption, and teeth grinding. You may notice sensitivity after teeth bleaching treatments too, but it typically disappears in a day or two. If teeth sensitivity concerns you, consult your dentist to determine what teeth whitening solutions would work better for you.

  • Mild to sharp pain
    In addition to toothaches, cavities can cause mild to sharp teeth pain. This differs from a toothache in its quality: stabbing or shooting pains as opposed to dull aches. These pains make it difficult to bite, chew, focus, and/or sleep. Moreover, over-the-counter medicine may not alleviate them.

    Regardless of the cause, seek immediate dental treatment to ease your discomfort. If the pain becomes unbearable, call us for emergency dental services.

  • Visible holes or pits
    Spotting holes or pits on the surface of your teeth tends to cause some concern. Those holes/pits may be one of several types of cavities, and neglecting to fix them could lead to further complications: teeth abscess, swelling or pus, teeth loss, weight loss, nutrition problems, and much more.

  • Brown, black, or white staining
    Tooth discoloration can arise from a combination of aspects, some of which lie outside your control. Common factors include drinking coffee and/or tea, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, poor oral hygiene, trauma or disease, and specific medical treatments like chemotherapy.

    However, visiting your dentist every six months for routine dental exams and cleanings help prevent teeth stains and difficult-to-see cavities.

Simple Tips for Preventing Cavities

  • Visit your dentist often for routine dental exams and cleanings
  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste after eating and drinking
  • Rinse your mouth with fluoride
  • Refrain from frequent snacking
  • Consume healthy foods and beverages
  • Consider chewing xylitol gum

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