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Veterans Moving Forward Charity: Giving Tuesday

From Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11th) until Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30th), Smile Reston Heights donated a portion of the profits of our teeth whitening services to the non-profit organization Veterans Moving Forward (VMF). Headquartered in Dulles, VA, this organization provides service dogs, facility dogs, and emotional support dogs to veterans with physical and/or mental health challenges. VMF’s service dogs and canine therapy services come at no cost to veterans or their families.

Smile Reston Heights in Reston, VA, is delighted to give back to the community by supporting veterans through our teeth whitening services. Emotional support, therapy, and skilled companion dogs can be difficult to obtain, so we are happy to help veterans who have served our country with honor and dignity.

Below, we discuss reasons to seek teeth whitening and how this service can benefit you:

Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

Previously, we’ve discussed what you should know about teeth whitening and whether you should whiten your teeth yourself or pursue a professional treatment. As we stated before, receiving treatment from our team guarantees that you will see the results you want. 

Consider booking a professional whitening treatment if you feel insecure about your smile due to the following reasons:

  • Recovering from a smoking habit
  • Teeth stains

Benefits of Smiling

A dedicated cosmetic dentist can provide teeth whitening and additional services to improve and maintain your smile. Along with a confident lifestyle, the benefits of smiling include:

  • Younger and thinner appearance
  • Elevated mood
  • A sense of well-being
  • A courteous and competent manner
  • An engaging presence

Professional Teeth Whitening Advantages

Our dental practitioners also offer Biolase laser teeth whitening and KöR teeth whitening, both of which make the teeth whitening process a breeze. Professional teeth whitening treatments take about an hour to complete, while DIY techniques often take much more time and effort.

Our team has the necessary tools and knowledge that allow you to:

  • Achieve results fast
  • Receive a bright smile
  • Enjoy a high-quality service
  • Save time and money

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Teeth Whitening Services Reston VA

At Smile Reston Heights, we care about our community and maintaining your dental health. Thus, we offer high-quality treatments—such as teeth whitening services—and support philanthropic organizations like Veterans Moving Forward. Our experts work with people of all ages, so you can have confidence in bringing your whole family to visit us. Whether you need a dental exam, teeth cleaning, fillings, or more, we will help you maintain the health of your smile. Call (703) 345-1100 and schedule your teeth whitening treatment today!

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