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How Intraoral Scanners Streamline Invisalign Treatments

Across the nation, cosmetic and general dentists offer Invisalign to realign their patients’ teeth. These clear, plastic aligners are designed for and placed onto teeth; they work as invisible braces for adults and young adults. However, each set of aligners must be designed for an individual. A dentist must use impression gunk or an intraoral scanner to map out their patient’s teeth. 

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Here, we explain what intraoral scanners do as well as how they facilitate Invisalign treatment:

What are Intraoral Scanners? How Do They Relate to Invisalign?

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The designers of Invisalign need models to create aligners for an individual’s teeth. After all, everyone has a distinct smile, affected by how their teeth grew in and were used. Thus, intraoral scanners provide a “map” to tailor-make the aligners for. 

As their name suggests, intraoral scanners capture images from inside an individual’s mouth. Then, using built-in software, they create digital 3D models from those images. This process supplants the traditional approach of “mapping” teeth: plaster models based on manual impressions.

Intraoral scanners offer numerous advantages over plaster models. First, they eliminate the uncomfortable process of creating bite impressions with a dental tray. Scanners also work faster: they reduce patients’ “chair time” and allow dentists to upload images instantly. Furthermore, digital scans reduce waste and increase accuracy. 

How Smile Reston Heights Uses Intraoral Scanners

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While a variety of models exist on the market, we currently use Itero intraoral scanners. This technology allows the Smile Reston Heights team to track changes in your teeth over time. We can consider how your oral health develops to provide better long-term care.

We prefer these scanners to traditional crown impressions. In fabricating the Invisalign aligners, scans provide crucial details and flexibility. Plus, we can use them to simulate your smile’s appearance after you complete the Invisalign treatment! 

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of cosmetic dentistry treatments like Invisalign. But we are particularly proud of Invisalign’s benefits over traditional braces. These aligners can fulfill the same important function without the embarrassment or equipment of braces. 

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